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Mark Wilson is a Peak Performance Coach. With a little Coaching from Mark, he can help you turn your annual income into your monthly income. I enjoined writing the Forward to his latest book "Closers Get Paid: The Magic Formula to Close Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime". What A Great Book, It's going to change your Life!

Bob Proctor





Its been awesome reading your book, and having something I’ve been reading as a concept of Napoleon Hill, expanded into a practical reality and into a powerful example. It's been very impactful. 

Michael O'Donnell



President at Abundant Power

Mark Wilson of Closers Get Paid teaches the mindset and belief systems needed to become a top sales professional, one empowered to make their own dreams come true through a career in the sales industry. Mark Wilson's writing is heavily influenced by top mentors and authors like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins. A must read for any salesperson to go up to the next level in personal and professional life.

Dong Ming Lau



Physiology Student: University of Nevada, Reno.

Mark Wilson

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